Case 1


・ Creating a Verbal Memory Test word selection in multiple languages for a Europe based Research Institute for Cognitive Science


・ The syllables needed to be consistent to ensure optimum experiment results

・ Categorizing each word based on real life word frequency 

・ Keeping word lengths consistent 

・ Consideration for Japanese-specific mora 


・ Improved the quality of the word frequencies by using several corpus that are employed in contemporary magazines, movies and newspapers

・ Successfully created the required material through allocating a member of staff that specializes in linguistics, translation studies and cognitive science, which enabled a better understanding of the requirements of the project

Case 2


・  Localization project for a large hotel group website that provided services in a multitude of countries


・ Adapting to hospitality terminology and industry-specific language use

・ Keeping the terminology consistent throughout the project

・ Short Turnover


・ Successfully kept terminologies consistent by using the Translation Memory function of the translation tool “Trados”

・ Implemented appropriate expressions and writing styles throughout by creating style guides for all project translators

・ Successfully delivered a high quality localization in a short turnaround by allocating translators who are not only knowledgeable about the industry, but also accustomed to using the above translation tools

Case 3


・  Subtitling a Japanese feature-length movie from the 1960s


・ Transcription of the original script by way of listening back to the movie was required as no script data existed. Challenges included difficulty in hearing the script due to sound quality issues as well as encountering expressions no longer in use


・Allocated a staff member who majored film studies and was knowledgeable of the cultural backdrop of the 1960s

・Assisted in the physical subtitling process with the client in order to avoid any inconsistencies with the images and directly answering queries, thus ensuring high quality subtitles for the movie