q02 I would like to translate my website into English or Chinese, but I’m not sure where to start. Could you please advise from the beginning?

a02 Of course. At Quine we offer localization services for a variety of businesses. Our designated staff will explain the localization process, so you can be reassured about commissioning your project with us. We will select a translation and proofreading team to suit your business, realizing the highest standard of language solutions. We also provide administrative support relating to web translations (eg assistance with overseas inquiries).

q02 I have a small budget, will I still be able to commission your services?

a02 Quine has so far achieved a high reputation from a variety of previous clients for our high quality translations and reasonable prices. We can provide you with guidance as to how we can best assist in order to achieve the best quality translations within your budget. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and discuss your needs with our team.

q02 I am considering requesting your services for a travel agent’s pamphlet. Could I appoint this job to a translator specializing in the tourism industry?

a02 In travel and tourism, it is vital to use a translator that understands the jargon and specific language use of the industry. At Quine we have a number of translators who are experienced in tourist industry translations. We can thoroughly consult you in this regard during the consultation.

q02 Is there a discount for large scale projects?

a02 We also offer discounts for projects that require translations into multiple language (eg English, Chinese, Korean, French). We can explain this in detail during the consultation period.

q02 What do you mean by linguistic consultancy services?

a02 Linguistic consulting is a service that provides solutions to various issues and needs that you may have. For example, we provide evaluation reports for existing projects and websites further to queries such as “I would like someone to check the quality of the translation on my website”; “We have requested a catalogue translation from a different company, but we received complaints from our clients. I need a quality check”. We also provide language support for business that are considering moving into a foreign market.

q02 I need an English translation of my Family Register, but will my personal information be safe?

a02 Please be reassured that we take privacy very seriously at Quine. Our staff and translators are aware of the importance of data protection, and implement adequate measures to protect your privacy. If you have any queries with regards to privacy, please do not hesitate to ask our staff. Please also refer to our Privacy Policy.