Offering Language Solutions Based On Client Needs

Here at Quine we provide a variety of language solutions such as translation services, web localization, and language consulting.

We are a professional team specializing in language services, namely translation and consultancy, with staff who are all fluent in two or more languages. Along with members who carry a masters level degree in Translation Studies, our staff covers a wide range of specialist knowledge including finance, art, IT, law, travel, licensing, medicine, engineering, food and news to name a few. We will allocate an appropriate member of staff depending on the nature of your project.

We will be able to assist you with anything you require, for example “I want to obtain new clients through a multi-language website”, “I am considering expanding our business abroad”, or “I need to translate our internal documents into English”. Of course, we provide exemplar after care after the work is submitted.

Primary Services

Quine provides a wide range of language services:

  • Translation services
  • Proofreading services
  • Technical translation services
  • Business translation services 
  • Document translation services
  • Language consultancy services
  • Localization (web translation) services
  • DTP Services
  • Native checking
  • Essay proofreading services
  • Interpretation services
  • Transcription services